Rural Aid counsellor writes about being the best version of yourself

Rural Aid counsellor Gary Bentley. Photo: File
Rural Aid counsellor Gary Bentley. Photo: File

Way back in 1971 then Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser attempted to appease the masses by reviving a quotable quote.

He told the seething crowd that 'Life wasn't meant to be easy.'

That was his way of justifying policy, papering over the cracks and making everyone feel satisfied with their lot.

To a degree his strategy was successful after all there is no such thing as an easy life.

Some are more difficult than others...but then comparisons can be unreliable and unsettling.

The only thing about which we can have any certainty is our own situation. Coping with that should be enough for anybody.

But Malcolm Fraser robbed us when he grabbed the headlines with six simple words.

He gave us an edited version of a quote by George Bernard Shaw. He gave us the bleak truth. He traded on the shock value and, in so doing, stifled hope and anticipation replacing it with a type of dejected acceptance.

George Bernard Shaw's full quote is...'Life is not meant to be easy, my child, but take courage: it can be delightful.'

What Shaw was saying is that it's how we play the cards we're dealt that determines if we enjoy the journey or dread each step.

We have a choice. We have endless opportunities not only to ensure we become the best version of ourselves but that we find the best in every day.

What Shaw was telling us is that if we show strength in the face or pain or grief then we can turn darkness into delight.

Almost daily we come across stories of people facing seemingly insurmountable difficulties with determination and resolve, making the best of each day they are given.

Every individual has the same potential.

Life is not meant to be easy but we need to go through some self-examination to find the ways we are unnecessarily complicating our existence...and then do something about it.