COVID-19 patient Jayson O'Brien thanks 'blue angels' for helping him recover

SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT: Jayson O'Brien has thanked the
SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT: Jayson O'Brien has thanked the "blue angels" at Dubbo Hospital for helping him recover from COVID-19. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

Jayson O'Brien couldn't stop the tears as he was given a standing ovation out of Dubbo Hospital recently.

Mr O'Brien was released after recovering from COVID-19. To mark the special occasion, staff lined the halls and clapped as he was wheeled out of the building.

It was an emotional moment for Mr O'Brien who has labeled the staff as "the best in the world". It has also touched the hearts of the Dubbo community after the emotional video was shared on the Western NSW Local Health District social media accounts.

"I beat the bug. And that's what I wanted to do, I wanted to beat the bug and the whole family's in good nick," Mr O'Brien said.


There have been six people with coronavirus in the Dubbo local government area but as of Friday, the region no longer has any active cases.

Mr O'Brien puts part of his recovery down to his good lungs, thanks to having been a singer for all his life.

He was also full of praise for the hospital staff - or blue angels as he referred to them - welling up as he spoke of the treatment he had received.

He said there were no words to describe what they had done because they had given him his life back.

"This is the best hospital in the world, the best people in the world, the best medical staff in the world," Mr O'Brien said.

"We've got it all and I'm the proof. I'm the miracle man, they made me the miracle man."

The severity of COVID-19 ranges from person-to-person. Some who catch the virus may only experience a cough and fever, while in more serious cases people report finding it hard to breathe.

For Mr O'Brien, the symptoms first started with lethargy, a lack of taste and the chills.

The patient said while he was sick he didn't know much because he was "in and out".

"I was here and there and everywhere," he said.

Now he's recovered, Mr O'Brien has told people to enjoy life, but be cautious.

"You can still go out and do your shopping and this and that but do it within reason. Just think of your fellow neighbours and your fellow man," he said.

Mr O'Brien said he was excited to be out of hospital so he could go and eat some icecream.

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