Little Big Dairy team up with digital marketplace Fair Foodie

Little Big Dairy Co feature on the newly launched digital marketplace Fair Foodie. Photo: Supplied.
Little Big Dairy Co feature on the newly launched digital marketplace Fair Foodie. Photo: Supplied.

Central west dairy producers, Little Big Dairy, have teamed up with a newly launched digital hub and marketplace allowing them to connect with a broader audience.

The website Fair Foodie celebrates Australia's diverse food and beverage producers through an interactive platform.

It bringing farmers, brewers, winemakers and other artisans together with local-loving consumers to help Australian businesses flourish.

Fair Foodie is the brainchild of Lisa Papallo who always wanted to launch a similar platform to highlight Australia's regional producers, but with COVID-19 restrictions tin place, noticed markets and their stallholders were doing it tough.

So she fast-tracked her plans to launch the service, which allows allows vendors to sign up, free of charge, and create their own personalised digital shopfront.

Each profile features images, videos, descriptions, products and pricing managed completely by the vendor.

Vendors also have the opportunity to list and promote their own events.

Ashleigh Littlewood, who is the Sales and Customer Relations manager at Little Big Dairy Co, said they really liked the idea of having a place for consumers to go and find Australian owned and operated businesses.

"There's nothing really like it out there," Ms Littlewood said, adding that Fair Foodie aligns with Little Big Dairy Co's values of transparency and upholding integrity.

"And helping others Australian businesses to promote themselves."

Ms Littlewood said while Little Big Dairy Co have a strong online following, being a part of Fair Foodie allows for them to reach and engage with a larger audience.

She said the online platform was also a great alternative to farmers markets, which have had to shut due to COVID-19.

Little Big Dairy Co have had to pivot the way they deliver products since the social distancing rules commenced.

They have gone back to the old school milk run days and successfully developed a doorstep delivery system in the modern day, which they have outlined on Fair Foodie.

"So if someone missed it on socials or didn't see it on our website and come across it on Fair Foodie they're getting that information," Ms Littlewood said.

"When we first launched the doorstep delivery our Facebook exploded, which is awesome, but having different avenues allows you to reach different people.... it's getting our voice on all online sites."

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions in place, the team at Little Big Dairy Co are remaining positive.

On June, 1 they celebrated World Milk Day, a global day to recognise the importance of milk.

"World Milk Day is quite celebrated within the dairy community," Ms Littlewood said.

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