Run your business remotely

The ability to run a business remotely has become a top priority for 2020 and beyond.

Australian firm IBT helps clients adapt to the new normal fast and effectively, IBT's practice directorAlan Barton says.

It is an all-in-one business system which is now critical.

"To provide a solution for businesses, wherever they are based, or however small or big they are, IBT offers Oracle NetSuite," Alan says.

"This is a cloud-based business management system (also referred to as ERP, which stands for enterprise resource planning)."

To quickly give things a definition, in IT, cloud simply means the data is stored by a service provider, and accessible remotely round-the-clock.

"There are public clouds such as the shared drives you may be familiar with, and private clouds with strong data security," Alan says.

"In fact, Oracle NetSuite has the same level of encryption used for online banking.

"An ERP platform integrates the various processes that big corporations have different departments for.

"This includes planning, purchasing, invoicing, marketing, sales, inventory, finance, human resources and others.

"So, that means Oracle NetSuite is a platform that allows you to run your business from wherever you are."

Gone are the days of having to go back to the office computer to look something up, or using multiple programs with spreadsheets here and sales and inventory systems there.

Alan says you can know everything about your business, as it is happening now in real time. Your accountant can also be given access, allowing for what people in the IT business call single-desk accounting.

Based in Wodonga, Alan says he spends his days helping regional businesses understand how they can set themselves up to benefit from the all-in-one convenience and significant cost savings that Oracle NetSuite provides.

Alan also pointed out Oracle NetSuite doesn't need a super-fast internet connection to be useful either, it is quite content with the speeds we're used to in regional Australia.

IBT was founded in 1997. The company has a track record working with ASX, university and government clients such as the Reserve Bank, Department of Defence, Essential Energy, Sydney and NSW universities and Nine Entertainment Co.

IBT also works with three of four of the largest Australian healthcare providers and mid-sized companies such as Auscott and not-for-profit, Wesley Mission.

Both IBT and Oracle NetSuite have more than 22 years in delivering successful ERP systems to all sized businesses.

For more information, phone Alan on 0477 247 077.

CHANGING TIMES: Oracle NetSuite is an all-in-one system for managing all business needs. Photo: Supplied

CHANGING TIMES: Oracle NetSuite is an all-in-one system for managing all business needs. Photo: Supplied