Tackle Count: Cameron Smith, as reliable as the constants in life

Death, taxes and Cameron Smith - three constants for so long.
Death, taxes and Cameron Smith - three constants for so long.

There really are more things in life you can count on than just death and taxes.

Cameron Smith - magnificent performance in a dominant Storm grand final win. Tick.

As Darren Walton wrote moments after the decider:"In an extraordinary stat that symbolises the ageless marvel's incomparable career, Smith ran just once all night - for a mere three metres - yet sealed the Storm's 26-20 victory in the process."

Cameron Smith - telling the ref how to do his job. Tick.

Foxsports reported that Cameron Smith could come under fire from the NRL for questioning the integrity of referee Gerard Sutton in Sunday's 26-20 win over Penrith. But those concerns were soon dismissed. As time ticked down and Penrith attacked the Storm line, Smith spoke with the ref after an incident but before a Melbourne players was sin-binned: "I get it, everyone wants an exciting finish. But we are just the same as them. Stop trying to pick little things out of our game to make an exciting finish."

Cameron Smith - staying quiet about his future. Tick.

When asked if he had any announcements to make after Sunday night's win, Smith was as defiant as he has been for the past six months: "I got nothing," Smith responded. Right. Sorted then.

And so the rugby league season nears its end - but not before the usual season blockbuster, the State of Origin series. Just at an unusual time. And without Cameron Smith, of course.

Penrith fans get the chance to take out that grand final disappointment against Queensland, as five Storm stars have been named in the Maroons' squad for game one.

And if those Panther fans back the Blues, they'll have to soften slightly though for Churchill Medal winner Ryan Papenhuyzen who is sure to get a jumper next week.

And with Origin midweek, expect an email with all the footy latest from us next Wednesday before the 2020 series kicks off.

* This edition of Tackle Count was written by Janine Graham.

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