Ogden's Coaches helping in a time of need

Ogden's Coaches and its staff have come to the assistance of the local community more than once during its 40 years of operation.

When Nyngan was flooded by the Bogan River in 1990, Ogden's Coaches helped with the effort to remove 2500 people from the town.

"We were liaising with the police and SES for 24 hours prior to go-time," said the founder of Ogden's Coaches Eddie Ogden. "At 2pm, I left Dubbo with six coaches and was instructed to liaise with a police officers.

"We turned the coaches around on the narrow strip of bitumen where floodwaters lapping the edge of the road. We left a loading gap for two helicopters, who were going to lift the Nyngan people over the floodwater to the buses."

Eddie said they used 24 buses and coaches and did three trips to Nyngan to Dubbo and finished the last load into Dubbo at 11pm that night.