Bill Tatt | Dates announced to end Troy stockmarket selling season for the year

RURAL COMMENT: Bill Tatt (inset) talks about the drought being lifted and a current need for a bit of rain in some places. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK/FILE
RURAL COMMENT: Bill Tatt (inset) talks about the drought being lifted and a current need for a bit of rain in some places. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK/FILE

The column appreciates that it is early days, but the calendar year is rapidly coming to an end as is the Troy stockmarket selling season. We have been advised of the last sale dates for the centre and they are as follows: - Final Store Cattle Sale for 2020 is Friday 11th December followed by a Sheep and Lamb Sale on Monday 14th and the curtain comes down on Thursday 17th December with a Prime Cattle Sale.

In what is a longer break than normal the selling complex does not re-open until we hold a Prime Cattle sale on the 7th January 2021.

The new version of LPA NVD's for all livestock species are now available identified by the number 0720. To the best of my knowledge 0720 will be accepted for all species including cattle, sheep, lambs and goats. The old forms are still valid up to the 31st December 2020. From the 1st January 2021 the new form 0720 must be used. Under a government plan announced in November 2019 their will be no charge for these new forms until 30th June 2021.


According to the authorities no part of NSW is now classed as being in intense drought and almost 90 per cent of the state is declared officially out of drought. This is now a major turn around from 12 months ago when most of the state were down on their knees.

Having said that as the harvest moves south there are many parts of the Central West and elsewhere begging for a decent rain event we need to complete the harvest which is shaping to be the best in many seasons, but good soaking rains sooner rather than later will boost confidence going into the new year, and help avert a major bushfire season.

Stewart Rodgers rang and mentioned a property 30km east of Coonabarabran in the renown Purlewaugh district that he has recently listed for sale. The current owner has purchased a retirement home elsewhere and are keen to move on.

The property "Keadool" comprises in excess of 2500 acres of rolling country easy to drive around and manage. The property has two very nice homes, good shedding and infrastructure and country that has good rainfall and would lend itself to further pasture improvement or farming.

Priced in a bracket that should appeal to a family who wishes to add to their current holding or secure a very attractive stand-alone property with a great deal of upside.

Cattle numbers continue to remain static here at Dubbo with agents drawing for 2800 head for Thursday 26th November which is a very similar number to last week.

Cattle markets in the early part of the week in most centres have been in retreat as the hot weather begins to take its toll on the livestock and their yield.