Dubbo's School of Rural Health seeks Wiradjuri artist

DEADLY ART: Nikki Roberts admires a Wiradjuri mural outside Dubbo's Macquarie Regional Library. Photo: BELINDA SOOLE.
DEADLY ART: Nikki Roberts admires a Wiradjuri mural outside Dubbo's Macquarie Regional Library. Photo: BELINDA SOOLE.

A commission worth $2,500 is on offer for a Wiradjuri artist to create three designs that will be used by the Dubbo and Orange campuses of the University of Sydney's School of Rural Health.

The winner's designs will not only be used on signage within the university's grounds, but on promotional materials, advertising and corporate branding.

"We are a proud part of the Wiradjuri community, and we think it's great to be able to support a local Wiradjuri artist," Nikki Roberts, a spokesperson from the university, said.

"We could have gone to a large design agency and done it quickly and easily and more cheaply, but it was important the person come from the region and have a connection to country.

"And also a connection to those very strong Indigenous themes of healing and medicine, which have a history dating back more than 40,000 years."

In the first stage of the process applicants are being asked to supply a digital piece of art, or a photo of an original piece of art, to give judges an impression of their style.

"It should just be a small sample, or it could be something from their existing portfolio," Miss Roberts said.

The winner will be paid $2,500 to create three designs.

The Sydney University school of Rural Health in Orange and Dubbo was established in 2001, and each take a total of 32 third and fourth year medical students annually.

"The idea is to live and study and work in the community to experience the regional lifestyle," said Miss Roberts.

"There is no commute, and better affordability, and they join sporting teams, become a member of a band, go to trivia."

She said the students "were constantly surprised by the quality of hospitals and facilities" and that many requested to do their fifth year internships at hospitals in the central west region.

The school is part of a network of Australian rural clinical schools with the ultimate goal of having more medical professionals living and working in the rural and remote parts of Australia, including the Central West, and to encourage more Indigenous students to pursue medical careers.

More information on applying for the art commission can be found on the website sydney.edu.au/medicine-health/wiradjuri-art.