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CAPRICORN: December 22-January 20

It will be out with the old and in with the new where goals are concerned during 2022. You're motivated to achieve and will terminate goals and associations that are redundant.

Capricorn is very focussed on success and will be taking the reins of power as they steer a path to success, with strongest influences operational during April 29 to May 9. That ideal job you're seeking is more likely to be found from August 20 onwards, but expect delays and competition: you seem to be filling an active role.

Changes around children and romance are also occurring, giving you greater freedom to pursue your own dreams. These are particularly exciting during February 13-23 but are not so liberating during September 15 to October 24, when frustrations are experienced. You'll be striving to make your home a much more enjoyable space.

Unsettled conditions continue into 2022 as you gradually move towards a new destination in your life. You'll eventually end up in a better position, something which is evidenced during the second half of the year, even though delays may occur. This whole process involves relocation or changes associated with family members.

You're excited by developments during February 13-23, with an unexpected sequence of events lifting your spirit. May brings further progress as your direction and/or career prospects firm up - you feel as if you're in the driver's seat at last. The positive side to all of this is that your financial situation is good, with either decent assets or a good income providing a solid platform for change.

Planning your path and daily interactions become much easier, particularly during May 11 to October 28.

Pisceans, the dreamers and artists of the zodiac, live up to their natural roles during 2022, especially during April 8-18. Your visions for the future stimulate dreams and plans for the future during February, leading to significant achievements during May.

You're excited by life's possibilities and are motivated to make changes to your daily routines, wanting to learn more and explore life through your travels or education.

May also brings legal prowess, assisting you in your objectives. Money is also set to improve, with assets expanding and opportunities emerging for securing a great income during May 11 to October 8 and then from December 20. There is an added interest on property and family during the second half of the year. However, delays are likely to be experienced in these matters from October 30 to January 13.

Career and money rate highly during 2022 for Aries, which is a time of establishing and controlling career paths/life direction, and changing jobs and financial strategies. Powerful influences guide your career choices during April 29 to May 9, forming part of developments that lead towards better income potential in 2023.

You are excited by your income potential and the ability to achieve your dreams during February 13-23; however, setbacks are potentially experienced during September 15 to October 24.

Generally, through most of the year, you are inspired and inspirational, as well as generally lucky, especially during May 11 to October 28; this time brings educational and legal successes, as well as the opportunity to travel. Schedules are busier from August 20 for seven months, with delays between October 30 and January 13.

Taurean lives are in a state of flux during 2022, dictated by career considerations and opportunities, as well as changing dynamics in your relationships and associations. You are moving towards a state of equilibrium during 2022 but need to balance the needs of your partner and reconcile with your career objectives.

You are strongly motivated by your dreams for a better lifestyle, with these guiding your passage through 2022. There are certainly many positive developments as goals are easier to achieve, and you have the opportunity to enjoy social opportunities that arise.

There are positive movements in the right direction during February, which tend to come about suddenly. May sees your partner more enabled and better able to adjust to these changes as they assume more power over their own life.

The foci during 2022 are work and health, where several significant changes will be made as you strive for greater personal strength and more socialisation in your life.

There is a real desire and opportunity to break free of restrictions during February, leading to significant health and work improvements during May. This is the beginning of a more enjoyable part of your life, as you become more sociable and ambitious, feeling that you can dream again. This sequence is especially strong during May 11 to October 8, then for several months from Christmas.

You will be actively pursuing your goals during the second half of the year, giving you the determination to surmount hindrances you'll face from August to January, and especially during September 15 to October 24.

Cancer natives are restructuring their objectives and social life during 2022, potentially catalysed by events of February 13-23, when strong urges exist to break free and forge new associations and goals.

A child also has the power to change your life, at times causing sorrow but also bringing great joy. Children can be problematic from late August but you are in an excellent position to steer them in the right direction during May. Educational, legal, and travel prospects look good, with the best times occurring until May 11, then between October 28 to December 20.

You are especially inspired during April 1-18, when the lure of southeast Asia or mysterious places is strong. Some may travel or study in relation to work during these times. May 11 to October 28, and from December 20 brings professional advancement.

Leo is anticipating changes to career path and domestic conditions in 2022, potentially with a change of residence associated with career moves. Dominated by ambitions, 2022 likely leads to a position of influence or power in your domestic and career spheres during April 29 to May 9.

You are excited by the potential of fulfilling your dreams and moving up the career ladder during February 13-23, enabling you to set in place a stream of events that takes you in your chosen direction. You can expect life to deliver much of these expectations from August 20 as you actively pursue goals, socialise, travel, and exert your options to study or pursue legal agendas.

You will need to accommodate delays between October 30 and January 13, as well as dealing with some career-related obstacles during September 15 to October 24.

Work, career paths, and advancement are key interests during 2022, and you'll be organising your daily schedules and educational options to accommodate projected pathways. Significant changes occur to the way you run your daily life, likely involving improving schedules, transportation, and communication. For some this means a new car, for others the completion of training courses or tertiary education.

You're excited by options in February, which is also a likely time for long-distance travel. It's best to take advantage of these trends as they may be limited or unavailable later in the year. The latter part of 2022 can be frustrating due to delays encountered.

You'll be powering along with your goals in May, which is an excellent time for buying cars and doing short courses. Dreamy moments in relationships will be captured in April.

Libran eyes are set on increasing their personal wealth and managing it during 2022, so there's not much that will stop you from doing so, aside from some restrictions later in the year (September 15 to October 24).

You're excited by the potential of a new income stream during February 13-23 and are consolidating your position during April 29 to May 9. You find it relatively easy to land good work or experience good conditions during much of the year, especially until May 11, and then again during October 28 to December 20. For those in existing work, this may mean changing jobs, or at the very least, playing an entirely different role in the same organisation.

During the latter half of the year, foreign shores beckon, but also presents opportunities for apprenticeships or tertiary education that will improve your current position.

Personal relationships are important during 2022, forming the main focus of change. However, interaction with strangers can also introduce change; it's important that these are managed correctly. Whilst the year starts well, it's important not to unnecessarily arouse conflict or mismanage interactions, as this can place you in a more difficult situation later in the year. In the personal sphere, a change is likely in marital status, so there'll be wedding bells for some; wonderful conditions operate during February and April. Feelings of personal power are strong in May, when you're more in control of your life.

Work opportunities and enjoyment are at a peak during May 11 to October 28, and from December 20. However, work can expose you to difficult people and situations from August, so exercise greater care.

Work provides some exciting opportunities during 2022, which is great as you're looking for change. What you're looking for is more money and autonomy; however, you also need to realise that current change is a process that will require flexibility and several adaptations during the coming year.

Opportunities that arise during February may be short lived, and there are restrictions that will require management during September and October. However, you seem to be well-placed with earning power during April 29 to May 9. Business partnerships are likely to be considered during the latter half of the year but be prepared for delays between October 30 and January 13.

Romance, recreation, and children bring considerable happiness during May 11 to October 28, and from December 20.

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