Bill Tatt's Rural report | $100 billion ag sector target gets closer

On track to hit $100b target

One of the aims in the coming decade for the farm sector has always been to produce $100 billion worth of output to help grow our economy.

This target has come closer with the recent announcement that the sector had grown to $81 billion, from which $64 billion was exported.

This great result has been the combination of great seasons and strong worldwide community prices.

International demand for our farm production looks set to continue and whilst three outstanding seasons in a row is a rarity we live in hope.

Feed lot growth

Another recent statistic just released relates to our ever-growing feed lot industry.

According to statisticians, for the first time ever, 54 per cent of cattle slaughtered were finished in a feed lot.

The same report estimated that currently there is 1.1 million head of big stock on feed.

This stat may in some way account for the record-breaking weights that were recorded throughout 2021.

The last quarter of that calendar year saw a new record of 315.6kg/head established with the overall average for 2021 standing at 312.6kg/head.

Queensland was the standout state with an average for the last quarter of 326.5kg/head with western Australia dragging the chain at 288kg/head.

The next interesting information will be the ability of these weights to hold up if 2022 turns dry in the later part of the year.

Herd re-building is still a work in progress with the female slaughter rate (FSR) for 2021 standing at 45.2 per cent.

The technical people in the relevant departments suggest that any figure below 47 per cent indicate that the cycle of the national herd build up is taking place.

Binnaway Show

Last weekend our community of Binnaway held their annual show.

With the recent addition of our new cow/horse arena the equine events started at 10am Friday and finished very late on Sunday evening without the slightest impediment to the normal running of our annual show.

Hopefully more on this in the next column.