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In many of our ACM mastheads across Australia we've been promoting the concept of buying locally.

The basic premise is that the better a local economy is doing, the more job opportunities are sustainable, and the better the local economy does, and the cycle keeps repeating itself, hopefully continuously upwards.

This is a target of growth that all economies aspire to, from a single town or village right up to international collaborations like the EU.

The local golf club or venue is part of that ecosystem. Many golf courses don't only have nicely-kept fairways to play on but other products and services that help to employ local people.


These include bars and restaurants, pro shops, and even training facilities and services like coaching and tuition for beginners right up to pros.

Local businesses offering sporting goods participate in the local economy too. So anything you buy locally from new gloves up to a whole golf cart also helps with local employment, even if it's just someone who is self-employed.

The term 'locally' is also whatever you want it to mean. It can be the club, facilities and shops nearest your house, it can include all golf-related entities in your local government area (for NSW anyway, because you all share the same council), it can be the same state or territory (again, you collectively voted the same group of people to be in charge) or it can even be national since we should always, wherever possible, consider buying Australian-made as well.

Even in cases where the club only has a course and nothing else, any support you give them helps them keep going, and providing this sport as an option for participants to get involved or stay involved.

Another thing worth remembering is that clubs also tend to rely on volunteers for certain tasks as well. So get involved with your local club to help ensure the game continues to be available to everyone.

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