'Twin Geeks' Jono and Andrew's House Rules renovated home is up for sale

Brothers Andrew and Jono are moving on from their House Rules renovated home. Picture: Kate Hedley
Brothers Andrew and Jono are moving on from their House Rules renovated home. Picture: Kate Hedley

In 2017, a piece of Western Australian real estate was put on the big screen as twins Jonathon 'Jono' and Andrew King starred in Channel 7's reality renovation show House Rules.

Now, the Mandurah twins' life-changing chapter is coming to a close with homeowner Jono and his wife Erika putting their much-loved Yanget Street home on the market.

A new start

It's the question on any buyer's mind - why are they selling?

Shortly after the show came to an end, Andrew moved out and later Jono's girlfriend-now-wife Erika moved in. Together they have built a new house in Mandurah, while Andrew moved into Perth.

Taking inspiration from their renovations and experience on House Rules, Jono said the show gave them a lot of creative liberty and allowed them to be more daring with design choices.

The fully renovated Mandurah home is a dream for those looking for a bright, joyful place to live. Picture: Acton Mandurah

The fully renovated Mandurah home is a dream for those looking for a bright, joyful place to live. Picture: Acton Mandurah

"We're going for a more mid-century look in the house, with patterned tiles. We're keeping our green kitchen, but a different sort of green. I don't think I would have picked that colour before House Rules," he said.

A few renovations have been made to the house following the show. Jono's bedroom, which was painted bright orange by contestants Troy and Bec, was quickly painted over.

A room had to be left in the house if the pair made it to the grand finale. Being eliminated in episode 34, meant they had an empty space to fill.

"There was a room we couldn't even access, there was no door to the room. You could see through little gaps in the brick. We ended up finishing that room off and made another little sitting room at the front of the house.

"We changed the front of the house too, we used to have circles of lawn. It was just too hard to mow."


Jono hopes the next owner of the house is someone with an eccentric style, appreciates the bold colours and won't want to change it up too much.

"I hope the next owners get more use out of the keg than I did," he laughs.

Behind the scenes, on the show

"It was like a holiday in some sense because you worked for a week, and then spent seven or 10 days in Sydney waiting for judging to be filmed. We just lived it up like tourists for those days.

"On the renovation side, you had quite a big budget. Usually in your day to day life you can't just walk into a store and buy whatever you want. But on the show you could pick whichever furniture you wanted.

"And different styling items, which you wouldn't normally buy for yourself," Jono explained.

The mystique of how the contestants managed to renovate entire homes in the span of seven days captivated audiences.

Having their days interrupted by shooting interviews put the pressure on getting the job done, cutting into their time and focus. Thankfully, the big budgets managed to cover tradies and labourers, who didn't have the responsibility of being a TV personality.

Production and editing of TV shows can paint anyone in unflattering light, but Jono argued a lot of the portrayals of personalities were accurate.

"There were a few villains, they really were very competitive people and took a long time to warm up to others. They had dug themselves a hole by the time they did warm up.

"It was a fair enough portrayal of how they acted on the show."

Jono and Andrew were a well-loved duo on the show, with a huge interest in their story long after the show ended.

From being recognised on the street to having a mini bus full of retirees park out the front like a school excursion, Mandurah residents were visibly excited at having their town in the spotlight for a while.

The latest project

Jono and Andrew's latest venture is a podcast starring their dad, Dave, who has had a diverse career with a working history that involves more than 60 jobs. The podcast talks stories from Dave's career, and his quest to find the perfect job, proving you're never too old to find your calling.

The second season of 'Jobs My Dad Did' has just finished recording and will be available from the end of May.

You can listen here

19 Yanget Street is listed with Acton Mandurah and is a set date purchase for May 29. The home will be open for inspections this Sunday May 15 between 3-3:45pm local time.

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