Greens declare victory in Brisbane

Greens candidate Stephen Bates has claimed the seat of Brisbane.
Greens candidate Stephen Bates has claimed the seat of Brisbane.

The Greens have won the federal seat of Brisbane, snatching the Queensland electorate from the Liberals and gaining a fourth spot in the House of Representatives.

ABC Election Analyst Antony Green on Saturday afternoon called the seat for Stephen Bates, who beat Labor's Madonna Jarrett.

The result comes after a close race and a tense week of vote counting for the electorate, which covers the city of Brisbane.

The Greens have won three seats in Queensland after also claiming Ryan and Griffith. Party leader Adam Bandt holds the seat of Melbourne in Victoria.

Mr Bates said he intended to be a strong advocate for his community after hearing from many locals they did not feel represented in Canberra.

"From the conversations we've had with people across Brisbane for the last 12 months, the mood has been people were angry," Mr Bates said while declaring victory.

"People were fed up with the status quo, and people were fed up with the complete inaction on climate change."

Mr Bates said new Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese would have to work with the parliament that was given to him.

"Even if Labour does form a majority in the House, we will still be in the balance of power in the Senate," he said.

"That gives us such a great opportunity to actually work with the Labor government to go further and go better on policies that we know will benefit the people in this country."

Ms Jarrett said she had called to congratulate Mr Bates.

"Although counting is still ongoing, it is clear that we won't get across the line here in Brisbane," Ms Jarrett wrote on Facebook.

"While I am disappointed I could not be prouder of the campaign we have run here in Brisbane over the past twelve months."

Outgoing Liberal MP Trevor Evans conceded defeat last Saturday as despite leading the three-candidate preferred count, he is unlikely to retain his seat.

The Australian Electoral Commission on Friday released new data showing an unusual three-candidate preferred status for Brisbane and Macnamara in Victoria, which still remains in doubt.

In Macnamara, incumbent Labor MP Josh Burns has taken a slight lead over his Greens rival Steph Hodgins-May with Liberal candidate Colleen Harkin trailing.

Liberal candidate Andrew Constance is 214 votes ahead of sitting Labor MP Fiona Phillips in the NSW electorate of Gilmore, with postal votes slightly favouring Mr Constance.

The commission has Labor with 75 seats to the coalition's 59, the Greens with three seats, and 12 on the cross bench.

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